Linkedin. Is your profile letting you down?

What kind of LinkedIn user are you?

  • Are you there because you feel you have to be?
  • Are you an enthusiastic networker?
  • Do you use it to find people, services, jobs, ideas, contact?
  • Do you just hope someone will find you and don’t bother to update regularly?
  • A mixture?

LinkedIn has changed. In some ways this is the strength and weakness of social media as a whole. Just when you think you have a platform ‘sussed’ they add new features. That’s why it pays to keep up with the platforms you use. A semi dormant profile says much more about a business or individual than you might imagine.

So let’s go right back to the basics. Is your LinkedIn Personal Profile Optimised? Or is your Profile letting you down?

9 tips to ensure your LinkedIn Personal Profile isn’t letting you down

Let’s face it LinkedIn is where professionals congregate. It’s a fantastic global network where you can find people in your niche, discover expert advice, ask questions, debate subjects and general do business. Connections can reach right round the world and who knows what opportunities might arise. Often people are looking for quick solutions. They need someone they can trust. People love using people they already know; it’s human nature. Amazingly word of mouth is more important than it’s ever been; nowadays it simply spreads faster in the electronic age. So what are people saying about your profile?

So have a look at your profile. Perhaps you’ve not updated it for months? Would anyone even remember it, let alone want to connect with you? Is your profile helping you to create traffic and find leads?

  1. Have you optimized your profile with the appropriate keywords for your niche? Have you brought in a professional to help you create action-orientated text that is actually engaging?
  2. Ask a trusted friend or colleague to read your profile and comment. You might be shocked.
  3. Your profile is not an opportunity for a sales pitch. It is attempting to be engaging by exploring your motivation, what’s important to you, how you use your skills, what your approach is, how you solve problems. This is a sales pitch in one sense but is much more subtle and attractive.
  4. You can make use of media to enrich your profile and make it exciting. Videos, MP3s, presentations, document packs etc. all underscore your skills in a dynamic and professional manner.
  5. Check your photo and your title. With keyword enrichment you can gain notice. If you are an SEO consultant say you are. If your skills include website optimization then tell people. It is your calling card. A great, professional photo, your current workplace, previous workplace and education is there for all to see and underscores your authority.
  6. Avoid a business logo. People are interested in engaging with you as a personality.
  7. Adding clear steps that will enable to continue their journey to discover even more about what you can do and who you are should be evident.
  8. Try not to offer too much. You will have more success pitching a few great attributes than trying to be all things to all people.
  9. Recommendations are vital and you shouldn’t be shy to ask past colleagues, current clients and others to tick the boxes. Don’t be shy to do the same for others too.

By making these simple changes and paying attention to the detail you can make a difference to your LinkedIn profile. Obviously being active is also a prerequisite for LinkedIn success.